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Important Notice

Due to COVID-19 restrictions the Vessel Examiner in your area may not be able to complete a physical Vessel Safety Check at this time. Availability varies from District to District. However, in some areas, we may be able to offer a Virtual Vessel Safety Check. This option will help you ensure vessel safety while underway until such time a traditional Vessel Safety Check may be performed. When you are contacted by a Vessel Examiner, they will be able to tell you what, if any, options for a Vessel Safety Check are available in your area.

Please visit the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary for more information.

In response to recent changes to decal distribution, I offer the following thoughts: Unless a need is an emergency, USPS Safety/VSC will work with Squadron Commanders and Squadron VSC Chairs ONLY effective 01 January 2014. To obtain decals to fill urgent requests and maintain accountability, requests will contain:

A. District Number & Squadron VSC Chair Name

B. Full Squadron Name and Squadron VSC Chair Name

C. Full Mailing info ie., name, street, city, zip

D. Number of decals requested.

E. A note certifying that the Squadron/VE has utilized 50% or more of their decals as of request date. NOTE: Decals for individual VEs requesting additional decals will first be verified via VSC reports submitted that the VE has utilized at least 50% of their issued decals at time of request. Your request, if approved and filled, will be annotated for future reference and accountability individual VE's should contact their Squadron VSC Chair for additional decals.

Don’t forget: If you are a qualified vessel examiner, you must complete the mandatory VSC workshop by 30 June. Materials are available on the Safety Committee website.

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