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Major parts of this program presently include: Seminars for both members and the public. Boat Operator Certification Program
The Boat Operator Certification program is up and running. The material to start members on their journey to Certification is in stock at Headquarters. SEOs can now order the Inland Navigator starter package using the On-Line Catalog and Shopping Cart.

Background and Overview
With the Boat Operator's Certification Program, USPS will certify USPS members at various levels of recreational boating proficiency. We expect that these certifications will be recognized across the boating community, both domestically and internationally. In the United States, The United States Coast Guard (USCG) has asked congress to authorize the Transportation Secretary to establish requirements for standards of proficiency for recreational boaters. We intend to have USPS certification accepted as the above proof and be accepted as the national certificate for the USA.
USPS currently plans four levels of Boat Operator Certification:
  • Inland Navigator
  • Coastal Navigator
  • Advanced Coastal Navigator
  • Offshore Navigator
To be certified, a member must be at least 16 years of age, be mentally and physically capable of operating a boat, and have sufficient visual and auditory sensory ability to do so. Holding a driver's license will suffice to certify meeting these requirements.
Inland Navigator (IN) Requirements:
IN Candidates Guide (8706KB, PDF)(27Jan09) Courses
  • NASBLA approved safe boating course
  • Seamanship (or S 101 and S 102)
  • Engine Maintenance (EM)
  • Marine Electronics or Marine Electrical Systems or ME 101
  • How to Use a Chart (CHT) (or Piloting, or Chart Smart or Boating)
  • Onboard Weather Forecasting (WF) or Weather course or Weather Modules
  • Using GPS (GPS) or the new P or AP course
  • VHF Radio and VHF/DSC Marine Radio (or ME 102 or Marine Communications Systems)
  • 2 additional seminars or 1 additional course
  • BPH - Basic Powerboat Handling skill demonstration or US Sailing Safe Powerboat Handling on-the-water program
  • FE - Use of Fire Extinguishers
Optional Endorsements
  • IW - Inland Waterways (Navigating Rivers, Dams and Locks seminar)
  • PAD - Paddle craft (canoes and kayaks) - Paddle Smart seminar
  • SA - Sailboating (or Sail or Sail Modules)
Coastal Navigator Requirements
    • IN Certification
  • Courses
    • Piloting
    • Marine Electronics (or ME 102 or Marine Comunication Systems)
    • Cruise Planning
  • Seminars
    • Using Radar (RAD)
    • The Mariner's Compass (COMP)
    • 2 additional seminars or one course
  • Skills
    • NAV - On-Water Navigation
    • PD - Use of Pyrotechnic Distress Signals
  • Optional Endorsements
    • IN Endorsements plus:
    • CAN - Canadian Regulations
    • MEX - Mexican regulations
Advanced Coastal Navigator and Offshore Navigator requirements have not yet been finalized.
For more information regarding USPS educational programs visit
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